Fire Fighting

Fire DroneThe future is here in fire fighting! X-Flight is leading the future in fire fighting by using drone technology to help fighfighters. The idea is simple. When you can't get a plane in the air to look for hot spots during a marsh fire, forest fire, or even a building fire, X-Flight can deploy their drone in the air to give a real time video image of the area. Imaging your view is blocked by a treeline and you can't tell where the fire is or how close it might be to homes that might be in danger of burning. By using our drone service we can deploy our drone in the air in minutes, fly up and over that treeline and see exactly where the fire is. Not only can you see the fire real time on a HD monitor, but we can move the drone into positions without putting a live person in danger of the fire. The drone can go up to 400feet in the air and over 2000 feet away from the point of takeoff. The pilot of the drone is a certified Private Pilot and follows all the rules and regulations of the FAA has put out for the use of drones and airspace. We also carry a hanheld radio to communicate with ATC (Ari Traffic Contorl) and other aircraft that might be in the area. Safety is our main concern and we take every precaution to make sure we stay within the guidelines. We bring drones to Fire Departments that do not want to incur the cost of buying, maintaining, and keeping up the skills it takes to fly one. Call us today for a demonstration. 920-203-2888